Our Connecticut Home.

When I started Hello Dall’au in 2011, I wanted a place that I could compile all of the little moments in our lives for our friends and family who didn’t live nearby – it always made me feel like we weren’t really that far away.

I stopped sharing the little moments somewhere along the way, thinking that maybe it wasn’t worth a post? Or that the photos weren’t of the best quality, or whatever reason I gave for not sharing that stuff. But we’ve been in this home for almost eleven months, and I’ve never properly taken photos to show our families – this is where we live! This is where we are! Or the friends that we don’t get to see as much as we’d like, who haven’t gotten to see our little spot in CT. So, here we go. This is our Connecticut home.

We chose this apartment for the layout – we wanted room for a dining room table – and for the sunlight. We saw SO MANY APARTMENTS and I’m so glad we chose this one.

Intentionally omitted in our photo tour: our bedroom (we’re getting there), bathroom, and dining room area (also known as, the Stamford branch of Have A Ball NYC). Maybe I’ll do a post on those thrilling spaces another time.

Here we go!

I shared a photo of our entry last week, but here she is again:

Photos from top left: a print I found online, my stepmom’s cowboy portrait (it’s been in every home I’ve lived in for the past ten years!), a custom print from Pure Joy Paperie, and my favorite wedding photo. Please note Harley in the background, wondering what in the world I am doing.IMG_5322 I haven’t really cracked the nut on our entryway; this piece is a little too big for it, but I really love it. My stepmom gave it to me when she was redoing their front hall. The mirror is my great grandmother’s, which I adore. I brought it with me to Syracuse, and it’s been along on the journey ever since. IMG_5324IMG_5323Here’s a better shot of the console – it provides a ton of storage for us in the winter, since we can have little baskets full of our scarves, hats, and gloves inside the cabinets. IMG_5325 Here’s our kitchen, in the midst of a meat sauce making. IMG_5326 This will probably be the nicest kitchen we ever have. We cook 5-6 nights a week, and the thrill of using the dishwasher is NOT lost on me. I love cooking in this kitchen. IMG_5327 One of my best friend’s moms just gave me this Juliska platter – I adore it and couldn’t think of leaving it stored away in a cabinet! I love having it out and next to my other favorite thing (the coffee maker). IMG_5328 This is our little living room: IMG_5329 Another photo by my stepmom, and yet another print by Pure Joy! Reminds me of Florida. IMG_5330 IMG_5331I spray painted these Ikea shelves gold and bronze, then piled them up with some of our favorite things.
IMG_5332 I got this vintage bowl from High Street Market on Etsy, and it holds our RSVP cards from our wedding. Sometimes when Christopher is making dinner, I walk over there and read him everyone’s responses. They still crack me up almost two years later!IMG_5333 This is where I house some more of my addiction…Most of the glassware is vintage and was gifted to me for my birthday. The blue and white pot is from an estate sale back in April.IMG_5334 IMG_5335 And this is our currently barren bar (and the beautiful orchid my work gave me for my birthday!)IMG_5336 IMG_5337 IMG_5338

And that’s our home! What do you think? Kind of different from our last place, no?

Love, love, love,


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