Our Favorite Fall Meal.

I want fall to stretch on and on and on and never change into the dreaded winter that I know is right around the corner. This is our first fall in Connecticut and I couldn’t think of a more dreamy season in a more dreamy place.

photo-6I made this dinner for CJ last night, and I think this has to be our favorite fall meal. CJ asks for these brussels sprouts at least three times a week (I made them on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday -they are an addiction), and since he is not a brussels sprouts kinda guy, I’m going to take that as a MAJOR compliment.


I have mentioned these pork chops before – Smitten Kitchen’s Pork Chops with Cider, Dill and Horseradish – but they are just so, so, so freakin good. If you have folks coming over, I think this whole meal is easy peasy for guests – you can brown the pork chops ahead of time, whisk together the cider, and put everything back on a cast iron skillet when you are ten minutes from dinner. Just a note: CJ likes to have GRAVY with pork chops, I do NOT like to have gravy with anything, we compromised by adding a little whole wheat flour to the sauce and everyone was happy and survived. ‘Cause I can eat flour, remember? And no, I’m not eating white flour because I’ve watched Oprah and I know all about what happens thank you very much.

For the mashed sweet potatoes: peel and boil three large sweet potatoes, drain liquid and mash those girls up. I added three spoonfuls of Earth Balance, about 1/4  cup of maple syrup, 1/4 cup of whole milk (EEEEEEE), and salt and pepper to taste.

For the brussels sprouts: we no joke make this more than anything else in our house. Oven to 400, slice up your brussels (I cut them four times a brussel). Put them on a no stick baking sheet, and whisk together your favorite vinaigrette – ours has really grainy mustard, olive oil, balsamic, and honey – then generously drizzle it on, then salt and pepper (we use garlic salt). Roast for 20 minutes, then move everything around on the pan and put them back in. I keep them in there until they are almost all brownish-black but still chewy. Last night they were charred, but hey – we still ate them. They were that good.


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