once i wore leggings to work, and other winter workplace offenses.

As you well know, I had a rough winter last year. Among other things, I wore leggings to work and I was not the least bit underdressed. It was probably the first time I fit in the entire time.

Other things I wore to WORK, where I had a (dare I say it) IMPORTANT PROFESSIONAL ROLE, during this period in my life:

  • A Lululemon hoodie with a ripped t-shirt underneath (!?!)
  • A $2 off-white Target shirt (that looks like it was about $1.49)
  • A sweater I bought when I was in the hospital my junior year of college to provide warmth in SYRACUSE
  • Uggs
  • The pink hoodie featured in the photo below, on rotation 2X a week
  • Jeans
  • Jeans
  • Ripped Jeans
  • More jeans
  • Sometimes Lululemon pants (for real. I’m not proud of this)

IMG_0241The thing was: it was so cold. And I was so, so sad. The idea of getting out of my bathrobe and driving a half an hour to work in the SNOW in this strange CITY was almost more than I could bear. There was a time when I was waking up at 5:45 a.m. to rock this out, and then getting home around 9 p.m. to do it all again. Waking up at this hour in the dark and freezing cold to trek to a job that made me cry did not inspire ANY kind of fashion brilliance.

It inspired a lot of leggings, yoga pants, ripped Syracuse shirts and that hot pink hooded sweatshirt.

And then the seasons changed. And my job changed. And I got back to showering (my husband loved this improvement) and wearing normal clothes.

The night before I started my heaven-on-earth job now, trying to figure out what to wear:
The past seven months of my life have been much (MUCH) happier than the last, and I can only thank my lucky stars and my sweet husband and family for their patience. I think it was so scary, especially for Chris, to see me dip that low. My own mama even said she didn’t think I’d bounce back the same way.



Sometimes I think when you take a major leap of faith and it turns out insanely badly, when things like that happen, you come back a little more tired in a permanent way. Like your soul has been there and back and you lose a good deal of optimism. In my case, I lost no optimism. I gained gratitude. I just am very very very grateful that is no longer the way I make a living.

But for the real reason I started writing today:

What on earth do you wear to work in the winter?

I can’t wear jeans. Don’t even suggest jeans. Because if I could wear jeans, we’d never have had this talk today.

The only pants I own that are appropriate for work are a pair of Gap black skinny pants, that have worn out their welcome after being worn almost daily for the past seven months. I may have fallen asleep in them once and didn’t even change into pajamas. Classy girl over here.

I was thinking of getting a pair of these since I adore the cropped version so. They are currently 25% off with the code SHOPNOW, if you too are pantless this winter.

I don’t really like the idea of not wearing heels for the next six months, as I look like a shrunken mushroom in boots. I think these would be a sensible option, so I could wipe off any wintry mix that came my way?

I feel like these Vince Camuto Elvins would be GOLD – but does anyone know where to get them in an 8.5? I could always stuff em with newspaper to make them fit. They are that cute.

Unfortunately, I think this is a bit like when I messaged someone from the Northeast the summer before I went to Syracuse:

Should I pack a few cardigans for the winter?

We’re reverting to that a bit, I think. What on EARTH do you wear to work when it is snowing outside?


Freezing and Pantless in Connecticut

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