Looking back at my posts from last December…what a difference a year makes.

Last December, we had just moved and were completely out of control. All of our credit cards had been stolen, our car broke in very expensive ways three times, and work (for both of us) was just not what we needed it to be.

This December, by the grace of God (in the form of an understanding employer and a husband who owns his own business), we were able to spend eleven glorious days in Miami. Eleven. Days. I don’t think I’ve spent that much time at home since the summer before graduating from college. It was absolutely magical.

We kicked off the week with my mom’s graduation from the University of Miami – PhD baby!

My sisters and I, with our mama the doctor.

IMG_6846 The entire family came out to celebrate my mom. Some of us mastered the “U” more than others.IMG_6859 My love and I.IMG_6861 We may not look related..but I promise we are. Can I say (again and again) how lovely it is to have sisters you can share clothes with? And how delicious an open closet door policy is? Adopt it, if you haven’t. Sandy (UNFORTUNATELY) does not believe in the open closet door policy…and has many a padlock on her purses. Girl has a COLLECTION. IMG_6862IMG_6863 IMG_6864 I feel like we cooked for eleven days straight. Christopher brought oysters home and we celebrated with linguine and clam sauce. Sounds about right, no?IMG_6874 IMG_6878 Brunching outside in December with the two loves of my life. IMG_6890 We bought a Christmas cookie cookbook and I cooked my way through at least half of those recipes. This gingerbread recipe was amazing – leave me a comment if you are looking for the recipe! So chewy and light. Not like store-bought gingerbread at all!IMG_6917 IMG_6918While I was home, I was able to work out of my mom’s office for a few days. This was SO MUCH FUN. I never got to see her for more than a few minutes (we were both crazy crazy crazy busy), but we did snap this pic of our matching work uniforms. Also, my mom’s office is next to Starbucks…which is absolutely amazing.
IMG_6926By being in Miami so far ahead of Christmas, I was really able to up my wrapping game. It felt so nice to have the TIME to wrap gifts and not do it all at 2 a.m. on Christmas morning!
IMG_6957 That amazing mama of mine and I at the fish market on Christmas Eve – a Sicuso family tradition. My grandfather would have been proud. IMG_6960 Grandma LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Harley. With her entire heart and soul. She brought him up on the chair with her so he could hang while she worked on the stuffed mushrooms. IMG_6969 You know I love a good vegetable platter. Very proud of this one from Christmas Eve, with homemade hummus. 

The girls and I, matching unintentionally, in front of our tree. Being home with them is just so good for my soul.
IMG_7042 IMG_7001 Christopher and his new best friend…Tyson. Tyson enjoys chewing on CJ’s ears and drawing blood from Harley. IMG_7007 Perhaps the only photo that we have from Christmas morning – Sandy and I. IMG_7019The Chinese restaurant where we had our first date was sold and is being torn down. It is unlikely that it will be there the next time we go home, so we took this picture to remember our first date over eleven (!) years ago.
IMG_7058Later that night, my mom made such a special meal for CJ’s birthday, which is next week. Lasagna, the fancy china, the good wine…we were so spoiled!
IMG_7064 Everyone taking photos of the table, while Grandma looks on with sheer delight. We had so much fun. IMG_7075So now we’re back. And instead of feeling sad or depleted or any of the things I sometimes feel when we get home, I just feel so happy. Recharged. Ready to attack the busy part of our year. Of course I miss our families, so very very very much. But eleven days was just so, so delicious.

I hope your holiday was as lovely as ours was – full of family and togetherness and good, good food.



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