packing for a work trip.

I’m heading to Florida for a six-whole-day work trip. This trip has been tough to plan for – I feel like it has been so hard to find any clothing inspiration that is actually work APPROPRIATE. So many blogs and magazine articles feature “work” outfits that are completely out of place – which is kind of weird, because almost every girl I know works.  I’ve found a lot of sequins and crop tops in my search for work clothes.

So I put together this little list, which will hopefully help ME in future tear-filled trips to Nordstrom, and maybe help you too. Because we’re all in this workplace clothing twilight zone thing together, and I KNOW none of us wants to resort to wearing rayon pants and a poly blend Express pocket tee.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 10.03.15 AMThe Plane
When traveling for work, especially for anything sponsored/hosted by your employer: you. never. know. who. will. be. on. the. plane.

I took this photo last week (and it makes me laugh so hard because my face looks like a Batman villain) on our way home from Miami.

On the left, what I *think* I look like while traveling. On the right, what I *actually* look like. IMG_7079Don’t be me. Be the gal on the left. Skinny pants (not leggings, DANIELLE). Cute flats. Jacket. Roomy top.  Pack a wrap and a good book. And try not to make a googly eyed Batman villain face in front of your coworkers.

During the Day
Almost everywhere I travel for work is FREEZING. I am always distracted by the mind numbing cold of hotel convention centers and spend about 15% of my time seeking a) a wrap b) a steaming cup of coffee and c) a pair of pants. But as my mom says: “You can’t wear black pants every single day, Danielle.” So I’m packing three solid color shifty dresses for the daytime, as well as a pair of Theory black pants my mom scored at Nordstrom Rack for ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Theory pants. $100. Nordstrom Rack.

Casual Dinner
I don’t really wear jeans to work anymore, so now that I’m out of that habit…I have a tough time wearing jeans off-duty as well. I just scooped these up and plan on pairing them with silk blouses, wrap sweaters, and flats at night.

The Work Trip MVPs
Here are the things I try to never, ever forget on a work trip – things that may not always be front of mind (laptop? charger? ID?), but what I’m always so, so happy I packed:

  • A mini-flat iron, because the normal sized ones can’t grab the little baby hairs that ARE ALWAYS A DAY RUINER
  • An everyday necklace – CJ got me a necklace from here for Christmas and I love it so very much that I woke up this morning clutching it in my little hands
  • Black platform pumps, because obviously
  • A fancy pair of flats, to make you feel fancy when you feel like you could collapse at any moment
  • Layering tees
  • An bottle of neutral nail polish, in case of emergency
  • Tylenol
  • A small bag with a shoulder strap, because you won’t want to carry your laptop bag to dinner
  • Yoga pants and a workout top you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in, just in case you can squeeze in a 30 minute workout. Good for the body, yes, but excellent for your exhausted brain
  • Slippers and a candle: two staples my mom always travels with that really make a difference, especially on long trips
  • Wraps, wraps, wraps. I’m packing two for this trip, and I feel like that is light. A black, cream, and patterned is usually the way I roll

We’re soaking in the last few minutes of this weekend (before CJ heads to work in an hour) and then getting ready for his 28th BIRTHDAY THIS TUESDAY!!! Grab the streamers, pull out the birthday crown, we are going to TOWN. On a Tuesday.

Happy Sunday! xo


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