we are moving.

IMG_6608This team is moving – down the hall.

We spent the better part of our fifteen month lease looking for somewhere else to move – maybe up the coast a bit, maybe back to new york? – and settled on something at the opposite end of our hallway.

I know, right? Life is kind of funny.

Thirteen more months here means:

thirteen more months with a roof deck

thirteen more months of maintenance I don’t pay for – which was important this week, when both our dishwasher and bathroom went on the fritz

thirteen more months of an elliptical downstairs

thirteen more months with two pool tables

thirteen more months of a fifteen minute commute (!)

thirteen more months of NO snow shoveling

The move also means an extra bedroom, a bathroom of my own (hello lush products that don’t ever need to be put away for guests!) and a patio we can play shuffleboard on in case either of us gets really into shuffleboard. We’ll use the extra bedroom as an office – with both of us occasionally working from home, we need to be able to close the door to focus. And most importantly, to both of us…the patio will be a great place to hang with the dogs. Because as of Friday, we’re a family of four.

Our last move in 2013 was A WRECK…

IMG_9155So moving down the hall (no stairs, no snow, no movers) is sounding pretty freaking amazing right about now.

We’ll be here for another six weeks or so, which is plenty of time to get our foyer kicks out. Oh little foyer, how I will miss you so!!


Chapter Five…here we go. Family of four, two beds two baths, shuffleboard…I could get into you.


One thought on “we are moving.

  1. Carmela Mroz says:

    That’s great news!! Can’t wait to see the new place. BTW…2 dogs?!! Have fun😬😬😬

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