our life lately.

I’ve just gotten back from six days in Florida and basically slept for three hours each night I was there. It was such an amazing trip – I had so much fun, and feel like we were very successful! – but when I got home, I was WIPED. I spent this weekend sleeping in twelve hour chunks, eating take out, and fighting with CJ over the name of the new puppy.

Here are some pictures from before and after I left, starting with our RAUCOUS New Years Eve:
IMG_7139Kait came in from the city, we ordered Kotobuki, and I think we all made it to midnight, but I can’t be sure.

A framed photo of my mama and aunt as little girls, and my sisters and I. As I said to them, we come from strong sister stock ; )IMG_7150 My sweetheart’s birthday celebrations at home. IMG_7234 And out at dinner. It was SO SO SO cold and we may have forgotten our credit card at the restaurant…but still, great night. IMG_7255 Generally, it is very cold here. Very very very cold. Here is the view from work, in all of its snowy gorgeousness: IMG_7257 And Harley trotting around our patio, leaving the sweetest little paw prints in the snow.IMG_7265 I may have cried when I left Harley last Friday. He did not have a similar reaction.IMG_7283 Since I’ve been home, I think I’ve had an entire pitcher of this amazing ginger/lemon/mint/honey iced tea from Meli Melo in Greenwich. I begged them to share the recipe so I would never need to live without it… and I will share it with you, so you never have to either. Unreal.

All of the other pictures would mostly be me asleep on the couch or googling baby gates for the new puppy, which inevitably has changed my Facebook ads FOREVER.

Happy Monday!

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