beautiful mess week one: good morning, good night

For Christmas, one of my friends got me the Beautiful Mess Capture Real Life in 52 Weeks class. The goal is to capture real life, un-edited, through photography for 52 weeks. You can create mini albums of each challenge, or you can post them to Instagram, share on Facebook, etc. Hello, Dall’au is my mini album, so I thought it would be appropriate to share it here!

Week 1’s Challenge is Good Morning, Good Night:

           Yes, these are all little moments in life, but they totally deserve to be recorded. Can you  imagine a whole book of your mornings? Pretty cool, right?

Here is my morning today, February 1st.

Before Chris left for work this morning…

IMG_0020 Harley hiding in his new bed, because sometimes sisters are JUST TOO MUCH. IMG_0059Is it safe? Is she gone?

Sorry, buddy. She’s just sleeping in her crate. 
IMG_0061 Grace, asleep and content. Mostly because she has a West Elm blanket tossed over her and ladylove likes a nice throw.IMG_0073 Our room, bed unmade and miracle acid reflux pills strewn about. If you or anyone you know has suffered from acid reflux  – seriously, I think this could be its own post since CJ has been suffering for YEARS – there is a new prescription on the market that has changed our lives. Mostly CJ’s life. And Harley and mine because our hearts would break watching him throw up, say, four times a week. But that is for another day and another post. IMG_0064 IMG_0067
Harley, watching to make sure the T-Rex (Grace) doesn’t escape and that I don’t leave him alone with her. IMG_0071What our kitchen normally looks like in the morning: dinner not cleaned up from the night before, coffee out and being nursed, cabinets open and unorganized. 
IMG_0074 And most days, there are pancakes. IMG_0076Have a great Sunday!


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One thought on “beautiful mess week one: good morning, good night

  1. Carmela Mroz says:

    Hope Gracie will be ok! Harley will adjust… It may take some time. Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday! Luv u guys❤️❤️❤️🏈🏈🏈

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