our easter.

We had such a nice Easter! My dad and stepmom had amazing brunchy cocktails, the best smoked salmon and bagels, fresh donuts, coffee, the works. It was heaven on Earth. If there is one holiday CT does well, it is Easter. We are made for Easter over here.

I made this quiche (just add goat cheese instead of the other cheese) and it was a huge hit! We totally aren’t big quiche lovers over here, but this blew our socks off. Consider us converted.

I also made the famous carrot cake cupcakes, which are our Easter tradition and I look so forward to them every year. I’m definitely starting to feel like myself again, so this afternoon was just a delicious, perfect re-entry to the world of eating solid foods and enjoying champagne : )
IMG_9667 IMG_9668 IMG_9674 IMG_9696 IMG_9709IMG_9711               

Also, Grace decided to run over the pool (which was covered) and subsequently get herself all muddy and wet in the process. Nothing says sparkly Easter puppy like mud and a mid-brunch bath. 

Happy, Happy Spring! xo

One thought on “our easter.

  1. Carmela Mroz says:

    Sounds like you had fun! Food sounds delicious! I would love the recipes…love you❤️

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