First week back

I made it through my first week back! Five days of commuting, work, regular life. Five whole days. 

We are starting to get a routine going over here. As soon as we do, our apple cart gets turned over. Case in point: surprise cabinet painting!       We had always planned on refinishing the cabinets and adding new hardware; we didn’t know our number would be called on Thursday. Good distraction, I say.

I like gifts for Chris that directly benefit me.  We went to the beach on Wednesday, because how else should we be celebrating making it to mid-week? We did sneak some wine and Coronas.Grandma had Grace sleeping in her bed in Miami, and now we can’t break her of the habit without SCREAMING and CLAWING. She’s trying to show me how comfortable she is… But we both know she just vomited on Harley and I, so her bedtime tenure has ended.  Frick and Frack have returned from Miami as a solid crime fighting team.  Kait met me at the airport with a PLETHORA of goodies from her and the girls. SOME FRIENDS, ILL TELL YA. SOME FRIENDS.    And this guy…our first night together alone in the house. Just like old NYC times. Except with AC.Weekend, here we come! I’d like a margarita on the rocks at 5:01 to celebrate ONE WHOLE WEEK OF ATTENDING MY LIFE. 


One thought on “First week back

  1. Carmela Mroz says:

    Cabinets will be great! Glad things are getting back on track! Luv u guys❤️❤️

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