oh hale yes

Since the cabinets will be done today (hot dog!), I am shifting my attention to the next project on our list: the dining room.

So the wall to the right of the doorframe (in photo below) is coming down.   The room is used for a dining room 10% of the time – its primary use is a pass-through to the kitchen/fancy foyer we never needed.    The table in this poorly lit photo (thanks, suburban morning dew) is pushed into the alcove of the bay window – that’s where I think it will stay. 

So the wall comes down either this week or early next (!!!), which means I get to pick a wall color.

I am a huge fan of barely-there wall colors, especially in pass-through spaces. But this room is in the middle of a very white, neutral house. Almost every wall in our house is either white shiplap or cream.

So (deep breath) I am saying OH HALE YES  to this challenge. I introduce you to the PURE MAGIC that is Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy.      This was Christopher’s vote all along – he asked me to make it look like the Titanic (!!!). The plan is to display his mama’s gold china on the walls (maybe 75% of the reason I chose the color – navy + gold = heaven), so I think we will end up with a cozy, classic, maybe strangely formal space in the middle of our not-so-formal house. 

So if you want to come over for some brandy and mature adult conversation, we’ll meet you in the dining room.

Happy Tuesday! Xo

One thought on “oh hale yes

  1. Carmela Mroz says:

    Love that navy color. Blue is my favorite anyway…can’t wait for that wall to come down too! Miss you guys❤️❤️🌞😘😘

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