this weekend.

Huge weekend over here for these kids. This story is told in basically reverse chronological order, just to keep you on your toes.

This is a picture of the Have A Ball NYC food truck that I took that I am proud of, because I really like those little plants and I think she’s looking so good these days! Can’t believe we are already planning the Have A Ball first birthday party/EXTRAVAGANZA. SO PUMPED.
We had a great date night in Norwalk at The Spread (oh my good lord THE SPREAD BREADS), but a definite highlight was coming home to this nut….who could NOT have been more excited to see us. Eight months old and violently codependent. (Harley was probably in the corner scorning us. He hates a dramatic homecoming just as much as he hates photography) IMG_0157 IMG_0156  IMG_0154
Gorgeous CT night in Shippan…August is such a nice month to be here! Have A Ball spends every Friday night at Shippan Landing, so I’ve been going over for the sunsets. So beautiful.IMG_0152
MY HYDRANGEA PLANT IS STAYING ALIVE!!!!!!! We saved it by watering it twice a day (drowning it, really) and it is THRIVING!!!! She might make it after all!IMG_0158
On Friday, I took a bike ride down to the water – I still just can’t believe we live so close to the ocean. The Florida girl in me can’t actually bear to go IN…but I like the view 😉IMG_0151
On Thursday night, I got to support my girl and her opening on BROADWAY. BROAD. WAY.
Doesn’t she look gorg? Also remember when Hamilton had their own fireworks display?IMG_0150
Love these beauties so very much. THEIR DRESSES. I CAN’T. EVEN.IMG_0149 IMG_0148
And…hip hip hooray!! We celebrated Tom’s first night alone on the truck, which was absolutely cause for some champagne.
I’m back from the Adirondacks (20 hours there and BACK) and snuggled up on the couch with some coconut ice cream, my husband, puppies, and some Criminal Minds. Life is good 🙂

Happy Monday! xo

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