craigslist do’s and don’ts: selling

After two moves in two years, I’ve become a bit addicted to Craigslist. I really didn’t want to move a lot of the junk we had accumulated in our collegiate and post-collegiate lives… And once we were in the house, I knew that while what we had kept was functional, a lot of it didn’t go with the vibe of the house. So out it went.

Unless I absolutely LOVE it, it was a gift, or holds sentimental value…chances are, it’s currently being listed on Craigslist. Let me tell you – it really thrills my husband to know that whatever chair he may be sitting on could be in potential negotiations with some girl in Jersey.

I’ve gotten a LOT better in the past year or so and have a good sense of whether or not my post will get any bites. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for the ‘list, in case you feel like selling.

Craigslist Do’s: 

DO lead with a strong image.  table5I posted our pedestal table (which I, ironically got on Craigslist) two days ago and used an Instagram photo I had taken of Grace. You can barely see the table, but I knew it would stick out in the Craigslist photo grid, which is how most people view the ‘List. I didn’t really want to sell the table (I adore it), but thought I might have scored the deal of the century on a set – which I did not – so I wanted to gauge if there was interest and if my pricing was on target.

DO use name brands in your title and description, when you can. I have NO IDEA who makes this table, but it does look like Restoration Hardware. So I put “Restoration Hardware like” in the title. It’s not really a lie, and it helps people find my listing when they do a blanket retailer search.

DO be patient. If you want to sell something that is a large-scale item (like when I sold our four poster bed), it may take a few listings to get it gone. I posted that bed four times before it finally sold.

DO practice good Craigslist karma: if something has damage, note it in the listing.

Craigslist Don’ts:

DON’T you dare ever let someone into your home if you are alone. Use your common sense: if you live in an apartment, meet in the common areas. If you live in a house, have someone home with you and preferably a large dog barking their face off.

DON’T waste people’s time – replying quickly helps you sell quickly.

DON’T take it personally if someone doesn’t buy. I’ve mentioned before that I got my feelings really hurt (so stupidly!) when someone didn’t buy curtains I had made. People are WEIRD and have WEIRD TASTE, and eventually your item will sell.

Keep pushing your item to the top (relisting if necessary), adjust your pricing if no one is biting, and have fun! The more you sell means the more you can shop!


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