a sensible catch up is in order

Now that I’ve paid my blog dues at the behest of my husband, I can repost to my little heart’s content. So, before we get to the new stuff… here’s what we missed:IMG_3855 .IMG_4017IMG_0328IMG_3917

IMG_3992IMG_4023 IMG_4026 IMG_4028 IMG_4069   IMG_4085 IMG_0279IMG_4090 IMG_0380 IMG_0141 (1) IMG_0489 (1) IMG_0586 IMG_0936 IMG_1044

We’ve been in the house for six months this week – how crazy is that?! I think I’ll take some pictures of where we are with the whole thing since I’m installing Chris’ office this weekend. By installing I mean taking it from a barren wasteland of boxes to something that is functional.

Other updates:

  1. My hydrangea died with the frost this week. Say some prayers that she will come back with a vengeance in the spring.
  2. We are the proud owners of four automobiles with only two licensed adults in our house. This will be changing soon.
  3. Grace and Harley fight only about 20% of the time now. They snuggle for 20% and ignore each other the other 60% of the time.
  4.  We have been building fires (!) in our fireplace (!) and I think this whole fall in New England thing is magic.
  5. Chris and I are having our SECOND dinner together in a row tonight, which is breaking records all over the damn place. We are making this.

And thank you so much for reading, all five and a half of you. It’s so nice for me to keep writing.


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