pure joy home.

Our house is featured on Pure Joy Home today, which was so exciting for us!

We’ve been in the house for a year next month and so much has shifted for us since we moved in. This is our first foray into homeownership, and while at times it has been a bit nutty (HOW MANY TIMES DO WE NEED TO HAVE A LEAK IN OUR BATHROOM???), living here has been so good for my soul. Everytime I pull into our driveway, or pad down the stairs with Grace in the morning, I’m reminded of how much I treasure this home. It almost didn’t happen for us and we looked for two long years! I’m so grateful that this is where we ended up.

So, a few things about this shoot:

  • I spoke to Liz about featuring the house while I was in Michigan last month. At first, I was OUT OF MY MIND excited – and then I realized that I WAS IN ANOTHER STATE. I landed and had the day off, so I cleaned that baby like it had never been cleaned before. In real life, we have a lot of sticks and stones from Grace’s foraging in our backyard. My stepmom is a prop stylist EXTRAORDINAIRE and came over the day before to help us get ready. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
  • In real life, Liz is just as sweet as she seems on her blog – she is so CRAZY talented and like ridiculously pretty. Plus she has the most adorable children on the planet. She could NOT have been nicer.
  • It was VERY, very difficult to get photos without Grace and Harley in them, who were DESPERATE to crash the photoshoot. I said, “Guys – this is Mama’s chance at the big time. Stand down.”

Here are a few of the photos!

consoleThis is in our dining room. When Liz came over she asked me who painted it and I told her that I did, which basically made me feel like I am Picasso and is a story that I have retold to Christopher NO LESS than ten times.

Living RoomtrayWhen we are home, we put out the RSVP cards from our wedding on the ottoman. When we are not home, I hide them because they are one of the only things in our house with sentimental value that Grace has not destroyed.

chinaWe were planning to use these special dishes from my mother-in-law for dinner, so I set the table with them for the shoot. I love the way they look with the Juliska!

armoireThis piece was given to me by my stepmom when I went to Syracuse – I’ve used it in my bedroom, in our kitchen to hold dishes, and now in our guest room. I think it’s my favorite piece of furniture in our house. guest roomPINEAPPLE PILLOW. Favorite Homegoods find of my life.bedroomAnd this is our bedroom! Those lamps are Homegoods as well – you can’t see in the photo, but they have a lucite and gold base. Come. On. grace5Oh, and here’s the child star herself. Miss Grace Kelly Dall’au.

Thank you so much for checking out the Pure Joy Home feature, and thank you SO much Liz for sharing our home! xoxo


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