porch project.

Do you remember our porch project from last spring? I painted the grey ceiling haint blue (to keep the haints away, obviously) and added an American flag, day bed and an old farmhouse table.porch3porch4porch5

We use the porch all the time – in the spring and summer, I have my coffee out there, and we almost always end up there when we have guests over. It’s a really comfortable, secluded part of the house and feels decidedly southern. While I don’t consider myself a southern girl (I listen to Spanish house music when I miss home – that’s not very Southern belle, now is it?), the South just does a porch right.

This summer, I’m looking to add a rocking chair and a porch swing into the mix – and maybe a seagrass rug (!!!). I also have some fabric samples coming in very durable outdoor fabrics – all shades of blue, of course. I am sewing the daybed cover myself (way easier than it seems) and I have the chair cushion being made on Etsy.

I scored a similar wicker chair from Pottery Barn for a steal on Craigslist and have been DREAMING of a star shaped pendant like the one above since my dad and stepmom had one in their old house. So after twenty years of dreaming …I think I should just go for it!

How are you sprucing up your outdoor areas for Spring? I’m excited to start planting – we have…how should I put this? ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES since our backyard looks abandoned. Spring is so close!!


3 thoughts on “porch project.

  1. Carmela says:

    I love your taste!!

  2. […] I have a real thing for star pendants, as evidenced here. […]

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