we are so close to wednesday!

FullSizeRender (10).jpgWhich brings us so close to Friday! A few things that I’m reading/eating/listening to this week:

Modern Love “Mom/Not Mom/Aunt”: All of the Modern Love podcasts are really strong, but this one made me stop in my tracks. It’s read by Jesse Tyler Ferguson (from Modern Family) – it’s about a couple who couldn’t have a baby the “old fashioned way” and the beautiful way their family came together. It’s been six years since the story was published in the Times and the author comes on at the end to give an update about their terrific kids. I may have cried (a few times).


Planning our meals: Chris and I did some quick back-of-the-napkin Amex analysis this week and realized we spend FIVE TIMES the national average for a family of two at the grocery store. FIVE TIMES. FIVE. TIMES. So we are reigning in our bananas way of grocery shopping and starting to plan our meals. This is what we’re having this week:

Monday: Salmon (Chris also made a delish broccoli/cauliflower situation that I’m still dreaming about)

Tuesday: Roast Chicken

Wednesday: Turkey Burgers

Thursday: Sausage and Pasta

We haven’t figured out Friday yet but this is one small step for dinner, one giant leap for Dall’au kind.


And a few other things:

  • Sometimes I forget what life was like before I worked in quarters. Q1 is ending this week and it seems pretty crazy – I can’t believe Q2 starts on Friday and we’ll already be in April.
  • Our deck project starts tomorrow, and I’m so very excited. Spring is just so close.

Happy almost Wednesday! xo



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