moravian star pendants.

I have a real thing for star pendants, as evidenced here.

I’m trying to figure out a light fixture for our dining room – it’s tricky, since we sometimes move the table when we have larger parties. Here’s our dining room now, just as a reminder:

You can see how we hung the fixture a little higher when we moved the table to the window. After a year in the space, I feel confident that I’m ready to invest in a light fixture even if we don’t have the table in the center of the room for 2 days out of 365.

I’ve been thinking a lot about a Moravian star pendant  – wouldn’t that be so dreamy? I was inspired by this photo in Brooklyn Decker’s dining room:


Here are a few that I’ve seen floating over dining tables:


I’m looking for one that’s more silver than bronze, and that seems to be a TALL order. The price is great for this one, but do I need something larger than 15″ wide? That seems TINY.

pendantWhat do you think? Would you ever do a untraditional chandelier in your dining room? Would love to hear your thoughts! xo

2 thoughts on “moravian star pendants.

  1. Carmela Mroz says:

    What a great idea!!! I think it will look awesome!

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