hi, remember me?

I set the blog to private last April and have used it as a personal recipe index ever since. After hunting for a photo of our bathroom pre-renovation, I went through the archives and got so sad that I hadn’t documented this time in our lives. I got a little freaked out by how much access I was giving strangers to our lives, and still am (to be honest), but at the end of the day…the majority of people reading are people who I talk to regularly, and writing here forces me to document. And I kind of missed it. I’m sad that I don’t have anything for the past seven months of pregnancy, I can’t really remember how I was feeling in month 4, say, but I think I’d like to get back into it. More for me than for anyone else.

Anyway, here we go!

I’m not 100% sure, but I think these are like, the six or seven photos I have from my pregnancy. I don’t know how this happened – I feel like we’ve tried to document this pregnancy but maybe it’s just been on Snapchat and quick bump pictures from my work bathroom?

But here we are at almost 30 weeks pregnant and this is what I have to show for myself. The first photo was from before I even knew I was pregnant – two days before. I may have enjoyed a margarita. img_0944Immediately after I took this picture of Grace, Chris said that he thought I was pregnant and I should go take a test. I hemmed and hawed but eventually got caught up in his magical thinking. Which was, by the way, 100% correct. img_0972We took a trip to Newport over Labor Day weekend – I was still so sick and couldn’t really eat anything (note to self: seafood vacation and first trimester do not mix). It was also weirdly windy and cold because of a hurricane, but we were in such a new baby haze that we walked around dumfounded that we were going to be parents. I think I was about 8 weeks in these photos – we got a little ornament from the Black Dog store to commemorate Baby’s first Newport. img_1294img_1299img_1297We finally started telling people after we hit the 12 week mark – we are on the ferry to Long Island to tell my family, who already knew since I scheduled a lunch eight weeks in advance (#rookie). img_1411And then MAGICALLY, I’m six months pregnant. I think in the flurry of the holidays and our 20 week appointment and New Years, I just didn’t take any photos. Because these three are the only ones I could find. img_2360img_2391img_2408

So, sweet baby boy, I promise to start documenting your impending arrival on something other than Snapchat. We’re so excited to meet you that we haven’t even touched your nursery yet. Just kidding – we have about 1 1/2 coats up of a color we’re 50% sure about.

I think I just love being pregnant so much that the idea of actually having the baby hasn’t set in yet – I got a little teary yesterday thinking of how it’s coming to a close. And no – I promise those weren’t the hormones. Well maybe just a bit.



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