eight months pregnant.

Oh how I wish I had these updates for each month of my pregnancy! I remember being ten weeks along and feeling huge…things have certainly changed in twenty weeks.fullsizerender-20

(at my 32 week appt this week)

How far along… 32 weeks – eight months pregnant today!

Feeling…quite large, thank you! I have a ton of energy (maybe more than I did in the second trimester?) but I definitely am feeling the pregnancy insomnia – I’m usually up from 2-3 a.m., which is really unlike me. All of the normal things apply – tired in the afternoons, sometimes get headaches, winded more easily – but in general, I just feel really awesome and I’m insanely grateful for that.

Craving…a clean house. I use our vacuum cleaner more than is recommended for a 1400 square foot house. PS If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, we received the Bissell for Christmas and I am OBSESSED. I talk about it at social events kind of obsessed. GUYS IT WASHES AND VACUUMS YOUR FLOORS AT THE SAME TIME.

The baby likes…the sound and motion of the vacuum. Maybe that’s not good for him?! Actually? But he really likes it. He digs the Coffee House channel on Sirius XM, I learned this week. Give him an acoustic solo and he’ll dance those little feet. Always moves for James Taylor and rice cakes with peanut butter. Hey, we all have our things right?

The baby does not like…pop music or anything with a heavy beat (seriously – you sure you are my child?). I actually think the baby may dislike it when I sleep, based on his pattern of movement. That may be a resounding theme in the next few months…

How the rest of the house is adjusting…Grace is terrified of his stroller, car seat, bassinet, and artwork in his room. Harley may know I’m pregnant but I’m pretty sure that makes him dislike me more. Christopher is doing tons of research on pregnancy and newborn care, as evidenced by this exchange on Valentine’s Day:

Me: “Hold on, I need to look up Braxton Hicks before we go.”

Chris: “Is Braxton Hicks your new celebrity crush?”

And me? I’m out of my mind with anticipation. It still feels like so far away. Our baby shower last weekend (more on that when we get pictures next week!) made me feel crazy prepared – there is nothing this child needs! – but it still feels like I’m going to be waiting f-o-r-e-v-e-r to meet him.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

In reality, it’s just 55 days until our due date…but who is counting?!

8 months down, two to go!

One thought on “eight months pregnant.

  1. Dotti says:

    thanks for sharing,,,,you look wonderful,healthy and happy,,,,,best wishes…Dotti

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