the bathroom renovation + some thoughts on renovating your house in your third trimester

The bathrooms in our house were FINE – there were no pink/yellow 1950’s awfulness to be had here. But we only had one full bath, and the idea of having family stay with us…or adding a player to this team…with ONE bathroom made me a bit nervous. So Chris and I started the long process of getting some bids for adding a bathroom upstairs last fall.

And SHOCKINGLY – those quotes were WAY, WAY, WAY over our budget. Like a fourth of the cost of what our home costs out of our budget. But along the way, we found a design company that we not only really liked but really trusted – and they came up with a plan that worked for us financially (and that could be executed in a strict 6 week timeframe).

Because we were hosting Christmas at our house and then had my baby shower in mid-February, we only had a small window to get this project done. And I’ve heard HORROR stories from other people on their renovations – it always takes 3x longer than you thought, it’s never the price they thought it was going to be, etc. So we were, understandably, hesitant about dipping our toes into this water. But we decided to roll the dice and I’m so, so glad we did – our gut instincts were right about the people we hired, right about this project NOW, and we could not be happier with the end result.

So here’s what we did!

We took this powder room, which is directly off of our kitchen, and added a shower. Here’s the bathroom on the day we closed on the house (two years ago next month!!!):IMG_0090Like I said – not terrible at all! Not incredibly functional, but not terrible.

Demo started REALLY fast – this was literally the first day of the project.


We had some hiccups along the way, so things did get a bit more expensive than we had anticipated – but for issues that you can’t foresee until you open up walls. So all of that was corrected – SO QUICKLY – and we forged ahead!img_2427
I know that we won’t be in this house forever, so I didn’t want to go bananas sandwich on the design and pick something that may not appeal to future buyers. I went with this hexagon tile from an online tile supply company (that I won’t link to because we had a very bad experience):


The hex is really pretty in person and I went with a dark grey grout, which I L-O-V-E. img_2561


The room is really tiny, so the tile really stands out – it was a splurge since it’s marble, but I’m really really happy with it!

Here it is close up:

img_2560At this point in our lives…we were about two weeks out from our shower and I was almost 8 months pregnant. We were doing some work upstairs in our bathroom, plus the nursery, plus the office where we were borrowing square footage for this bathroom. So literally everything was topsy turvy and we had boxes on boxes on boxes. This was my dining room after I “cleaned it up”:


I thought that this kind of project would not be incredibly invasive – the bathroom is right at the back of our house and was easily taped off. But I underestimated how much Grace and Harley would HATE having strangers in our house everyday, and that really turned up the volume on this little project. Thankfully, the people we hired were SAINTS and loved animals. It could have been a lot more difficult than it was – and they made it work for our little traveling circus.

The last week, there were the inevitable freakouts that happen (I assume?) at the end of any renovation: the showerhead I bought didn’t fit where the plumbers drilled the holes, the paint looked lavender, the sink arrived broken and needed to be installed that day. Thankfully, our contractors were able to find a showerhead I liked (I don’t love it like I loved the original one but WHO CARES), they repainted to appease the crazy pregnant lady, and my dad found a replacement sink at literally zero hour.

And here’s the finished product!



We still have some really minor work to do – finding a place for toilet paper being a primary concern 🙂 I’d love to hang some art, as well, but I’m waiting until we find the right piece.

So we went from this:


To this:


With seven weeks to spare!

Would I have done it again this pregnant? YES. 100% yes. I could not imagine doing this with the baby here – there were so many people coming and going, so much barking, so many things to figure out logistically. I’m so glad we did this a few years before we leave this house, as well – we have the time to enjoy it!

If you are local to Fairfield County, I could not recommend Faros Design more highly – they were absolute gems and I’m so grateful we got to know their family during this process.


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